At Professional House Inspections, we understand that buying a house is an exciting time and there are many issues to be considered. It can also be a stressful experience, or worse still, a costly mistake if your new house fails to meet your expectations.

You could be facing thousands of extra dollars to address building issues which you were unaware of when you signed the contract. And like most of us, you are already stretching your finances to get the best house you can afford, right?

Before you make that final decision, you need as much information as you can get - while you still have the power of choice. Afterwards it may be too late.

Why take the risk?

Professional House Inspections will provide you with:

  • An independent, thorough appraisal of all reasonably accessible parts of the building, by an experienced and qualified building professional.

  • A detailed, fully typed report which is easy to read and understand.

  • A report which complies fully with the
    Australian Standard AS 4349.1-1995

And as added protection for you, we carry full insurance cover.

Why risk your money with sub-standard reports by "part timers" without the experience, the time or the equipment to do the job properly. (Why else would they be cheap?)

Don't you deserve a professional?

  • We take care of all the details such as arrangements for access to the property.

  • You do not need to take time away from work or other commitments, unless of course you wish to take the opportunity to have another look at the property, or discuss the inspection with us on site.

  • We can often arrange an inspection within 24 hours, to fit in with your requirements.

  • Afterwards we are available to discuss or explain our findings to your satisfaction.

  • We can also advise on the most appropriate repair methods, prioritise repair work and estimate the costs of repairs, alterations or extensions.

Being professional doesn't mean we're afraid to get our hands dirty! We check wherever we have reasonable access.

Our many satisfied clients include Corporate and Government Agencies, people from all walks of life including other building professionals and yes, even real estate agents and their relatives!